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Having an author/speaker flyer can make all the difference in whether you are signed on to that next conference or city event. It not only showcases your work, but it makes you look like a true professional!

After all, it takes time to market a book. That is why it is extremely important for book authors to promote their book with an author sell sheet.

If you’re unfamiliar with an author sell sheet, it’s basically a flyer that provides information to any outlet interested in selling the written work of the author. This could be a major publisher, a bookstore or even for promotion at speaking events.  Think of it as a sales document or brochure that promotes an author’s work to any individual or corporate entity who may want to purchase their book(s).

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Author Event Samples

Every author sell sheet should include the following basic elements:

  1. Photo of the book
  2. Author Photo and Name(s)
  3. Author bio (including credentials)
  4. Title of the book
  5. Author and Publisher Information
  6. The publishing date
  7. Number of Pages & Word Count
  8. ISBN number
  9. Book formatting size (e.g., 5×8 Paperback)
  10. Price along with who currently distributes the book and where it’s readily available
  11. Whether it is a hard cover or soft cover book or any other distinguishing features or extra bonuses, formats etc. (for example extra worksheets or extra online resources or tools that compliment the book).
  12. A short one-sentence excerpts showing a max. of 4 (especially if the book is lengthier), of the most important chapters content topics.
  13. A short written promo message about the main “teaser copy” or benefit the reader will gain by reading the book.
  14. Testimonials from readers of the book
  15. Contact information of who to contact in order to make a book purchase.

Sell sheets are only a one page double-sided document in full colour. Although they are commonly used by authors as instant giveaways to those who may be interested in their books, they should also be made available online – preferably as a downloadable PDF on the author’s website.

Sell sheets are also an excellent addition to media kits and should definitely be included there.

Here is an example what your standard author sell sheet would look like:

author sell sheet samples
Author Sell Sheet Samples

With any author sell sheet you create, be sure to stick with your brand colors. This keeps all of your marketing materials uniform, while making you look like you mean business!

If you’re interested in getting your own author sell sheet designed, I can do that for you. Simply get in touch with me by filling out the form below. You should receive a response fairly quickly. I enjoy helping businesses share their message in the best visual way possible. Hey, the world is meant to be a brighter place right!

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