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15 Step Swipe File for Creating Winning Content that Brings in More Customers to Your Business

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Attract Clients Using Content Marketing

This content has been updated Nov. 27, 2017.

Creating content for your business brand should not be taken lightly. It is important to strategically look at your business goals and the needs of your audience in order to come out on top.

If you want sales, there is a right way and a wrong way to produce content.

Your content can be anything from an article, press release, video or blog post. Regardless of the medium, your content must speak to your audience addressing their main issues and provide a solution or insight.

Here are some tips for creating the most responsive content for your business:

1# First, ask yourself what your main goal is for your business and then create a Content Marketing Plan that will help to accomplish that goal.

For example, if you are a personal trainer and you want to gain more members to your paid online meal planning membership site, why not offer those visiting your site a trial offer – giving them a limited number of tips upon sign-up. This will give them a feel for the quality of information they are going to receive through your paid membership site. In this trial offer, be sure that you’re producing top-quality tips that will help to give your readers the best results.

This is a great example of creating valuable quality content that is going to meet your goal of more sign-ups and ultimately more sales!

2# Write down a clear content marketing strategy. This should include listing the content you want to produce as well as a detailed schedule of when this content will go out to your readers (through an Editorial Calendar). Not only does this allow you to see a clear picture of your content plan, but you can better see how this content plan is going to meet your business goals as well.

3# Develop a clear picture of your target market using Marketing Personas. These personas are your ideal clients and customers. So, develop this picture of your market and in doing so, you’ll be able to understand who they are and have greater insight into their lifestyle, and what drives them so that you can set up your content to specifically cater to their needs.

4# Be sure you’re using various platforms to market your content. Look where your target market is and meet them where they are at. Use mobile outlets and online outlets, but be sure to incorporate various mediums like video, articles, blog posts, presentations, infographics, audio etc., to ensure your content can be harnessed from various sources, so that it meets of your visual, auditory and text-loving audience. Use bite-sized content to match these types of content pieces so that your views can be more easily shared on various social platforms.

5# Audit your current content to ensure it is still meeting the needs of your market, while still appealing to your business goals. If it isn’t, re-assess how you can make changes to this content to meet those needs.

6# Share what others are saying about your business either by showcasing testimonials and social media interactions that are positively impacting your business and brand.

7# Communicate and acknowledge those customers who are sharing your business message, products or services. Give them incentives to continue to do so via discounts and free resources etc. that will better help them use your offerings and buy more of what you are selling.

8# Be sure your content is evergreen so that it continues to market your business. Evergreen content is content that never goes out of date. Remove all expired irrelevant content from your website/blog, but be sure that any new content that is created is evergreen and will continue to benefit your clients and customers and those who may still be considering your offer, well into the future.

Every Evergreen Content Piece that is created is the key to selling your product or service well into the future.

But remember; always keep your prospective and past customers in mind throughout all of your online and offline engagements.

9# Be diligent in answering the many questions your customers and prospective customers have about your product or service. For example, if you’re a graphic designer and often have customers ask you what the best file format and resolution is for their logo, why not create a content piece based on that question! You could write an article on the best format and resolution for logos for printed and online digital content.

Discuss why it’s important in creating a professional brand image etc. You could do so with a single article or by having an FAQ page on your website.

Not only will you be answering the question of many of your readers, customers and clients, but by adding this content to your blog, website or as online content for other sites, you’ll most likely have less people asking you this question simply because the answer is now readily available to them online. But in doing so, you’ll be freeing up more of your time while still getting the word out about your business! You’ll also be adding expert advice; which shows you’re highly experienced in your craft. And that’s appealing to would-be clients!

Now if you can make multiple formats of this same content via articles, videos, audio, presentations etc., your business voice could be heard by more people – leading to more sales and exposure for your business!

10# Provide Cheat Sheets, Tutorials and helpful How-to Guides to help your existing customers use your product or service better! These types of content pieces can become excellent viral show-pieces to share your message and expertise! Think about it! The more people hear about you through your helpful and insightful content, the more compelled they’ll be to pass it around – meaning more business is most likely to come your way!

For example, if you’re a Web Designer and you wrote an article titled 5 Web Design Mistakes to avoid that Could Kill Your Business! A compelling title like that can really move people to hear your message!

Valuable content that helps people is more powerful than many businesses realize.

11# Create content that asks your prospects questions!

Do you Make these __ Mistakes?

Do You Need Help ___?

Do You Want to Save More Time Doing __?

Ask a question based on a definite need or desire your prospect may have. This content will not only make its way to your target market, but it will also appeal to them personally (because it will come up in the search results of the major search engines). This means they’ll be more willing to get in touch with you about your product or service!

12# Link back to your content as often as you can while providing a call-to-action (CTA) in every content piece you create. But be sure that you also link to complimentary authoritative sites and share helpful tips and resources that your prospective and existing customers will openly welcome. Not only does this provide better assistance to your audience, but Google loves to see that your audience engagement is truly benefiting from your content –whether it is your own content or content from those you are referencing. Not to mention, your authoritative reference site will be pleased that you’re sharing their content with your readers, which could mean a potential joint venture deal or partnership at some point in the future.

13# Create separate social media plans or systems for each social media network that you are a member of. However, when doing so, be sure to link back to your main site as often as possible. Each content nugget you create on these channels must entertain, appeal to, be of interest to, or help your audience in some way.

14# Create Re-Usable & Recyclable Content Plans: Think about how you can either stretch-out or make bite-sized content pieces to better share your message. Not only will this put your business in front of more people, it will also be a vessel for greater engagement and potential sales. Once you make those plans create content for each of them for greater exposure!

Some examples of social media content pieces you can create, that link back to your more lengthy content pieces are:

Infographics, tweets, YouTube mini-vlogs, snap chats, Pinterest/Instagram images, just to name a few…

Some examples of content you can use to better engage your target audience are:
  • White papers, case studies, video or written testimonials, free courses or workshops, articles and blog posts, booklets, newsletters, video commercials and trailers for your offers, e-books; The list goes on…

15# If you’re sharing online content, be sure it’s optimized for search engines. Use anchor texts and a wide selection of keywords often, as these are used in your target audience’s search. When you place a term in the search engine and press enter, if you scroll to the bottom of the page on Google or any other major search engine, you’ll see other related keyword searches that your market are entering on your topic. You can use these related keywords to help optimize your content.

But the main point in all of your content creation is consistency!

Just keep it rolling…

If you continue to put your message out into the world, the more people are going to hear about you and your offerings and the more people you can help.

Consistency and engagement will inevitably grow your following, creating more awareness for your products or services, to ultimately help grow your brand.

Keep with it and you’ll soon see the wonderful results of your efforts!


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