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Emerging Technology & Consumer Habits:

Is Your Content Meeting the Needs of Your Market at the Right Time and In the Right Place?

As we adapt to emerging technological advances specifically smartphones, iPads, and visual content sites like Pinterest, Snap Chat, Instagram and others, our way of consuming and engaging with content changes. New formats emerge, but the message contained in them must still remain the same. The key is to focus on impact for those engaging with your content.

Users have a need and it is important that the content you present addresses that need – not only in terms of its structure and visual appeal, but it must also address your users at the right time in their journey, while giving them a good experience that is useful, compelling and easy to consume. According to a 2015 IBM Digital Experience Survey, 56% of marketers believe that producing personalized content messages for their audience promotes higher engagement rates.

In addition to the context of your message, you also need to focus on technology and the varying platforms being used. In order for content to be consumed effectively, you also need to consider how it’s being consumed — on what device and at what point during your users’ journey.  For example, an article written for a website to be viewed on a desktop computer needs to be presented much differently than it would be for a mobile device. Conversely, the content for a new user needs to speak to them just as much as the content for a user already familiar with your product or service, while considering the platforms being used. The content doesn’t need to change. However, its presentation would most likely need to in order to allow for a greater user experience.

The Depth of Your Content is Critical

For decades, people have been making purchases from their desktop computers. They’re buying clothing, cameras, furniture and more online. And with the advent of mobile, they are making the same types of purchases and they are confident in doing so. And in knowing that, we need to ensure that our content is still available – fully, in various formats in order to keep these same experiences actively functional and pleasurable.

Changing Content and customer needs
Location of Content & Customer Needs

Nowadays, businesses are realizing that audience consumption habits are changing. In the period of January to March of 2015, Facebook unveiled some very interesting data that most people may not have expected. Their stats revealed that revenues of $2.5 billion during this time period were mainly from mobile-based advertising earnings. As more people use handheld devices and have greater access to the various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others, almost three-quarters of Facebook’s advertising revenues were derived from mobile ads and this has grown steadily since 2012.

This is a clear indication that we are using mobile devices more often than in the past. It is no surprise that desktop computers are taking the backseat to newer devices like iPads, iPhones, Tablets and Smartphones. The convenience of being able to take these devices everywhere we go clearly indicates that our habits are changing and as a business owner, we need to ensure that our content goes where our prospective customers are going as well.

As a content creator, organizations will be battling far and wide if they have to deal with the challenges of providing content for new updates and versions of our favourite gadgets. By creating one piece of content that’s not “watered-down” to adapt to the device it is on, you’re able to maintain the context of your message fully without losing its intent to grab your user fully at the necessary time in their journey.

Creating sustainable content that is concise, engaging, meaningful and well-structured regardless of the device being used; you are able to maintain the intent of your message. This makes the result beneficial for those reading, watching or listening to your content.

But the benefits don’t stop there!

For you the content creator or for businesses providing this perfect content piece for their viewers, it allows business goals to be met – making the experience beneficial for everyone! Your consumer and prospects not only gain exponentially from this, but the rewards for you the business can result in greater ROI in the end!

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Your User Habits are Changing!

Here are 7 top tips for creating great content for your audience: 

So, when designing for rich online experiences for your audience, it is important to adapt your content to the device. Responsive design is important, but the experience of your user – addressing their needs, frustrations and concerns, while also fulfilling the overall goals of your business are equally as important.

If you can meet your audience where they like to engage online while providing them with the tools, information and resources they require, both before and after the sale, you’ll most definitely acquire a new loyal following who won’t even think twice about leaving you for your competitor. This emphasis is not just good business practice, its smart business practice that should be adapted by all businesses, both online and offline.

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