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How to Use Your Webinar to Grow Your Business

One of the best ways to grow your business is by creating strategically thought out webinars or workshops to better help your marketplace understand more about your industry

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Powerpoint Webinar Template

and your business.

So, how can you do this?

You can offer a free webinar that gives tips and information on doing something that your market is very interested in learning about. In a nutshell, at the end of your free webinar/workshop, you offer your audience your product or an affiliate product related to the topic of discussion on your webinar. Basically, it is a product that will help your audience do that certain thing better. The “thing” being whatever the topic is that you’re discussing on your webinar.

For example, if you are a Business Consultant who is offering an online webinar on the topic of Using Google Adwords Ads to Grow Your Business; why not offer a product that can instantly create Winning Adwords Ads based on the formulas you shared in your webinar!

By offering something like this, it not only establishes you as a knowledgeable expert, but you make lives of your attendees easier by providing an easy solution on how they can get it done!

So, you’ll basically share with your audience the same formula used by businesses who have launched successful campaigns using this very formula! Not only will you be allowing your audience members to save time, but you’ll also be providing them with a quick-and-easy way to create winning ads with less effort!

After all, saving time is a huge commodity – especially in the world of business!

Do you see how this product offer works perfectly with the information you are offering during this webinar? They are the perfect union that effectively helps your market, while putting extra cash in your pocket!

Why it works!

By providing helpful webinars and workshops catered to the needs of your marketplace, you are greatly impacting those clients and customers (and potential customers) by giving them useful information they can immediately use and benefit from, while also providing a nice boost in income for your business!

Here are 4 Ways that Your Webinar Can Help to Build Your Business:

Grow your list – By holding free webinars, you can help to grow your list (ie,. Your blog traffic, social media presence etc.) – through the viral nature of your offering.

Everybody loves to learn more about whatever topic or niche market they have an interest in. And if you can provide product offerings that will enrich their lives, they are most likely willing and open to getting a hold of this information.

Webinars and workshops allow you to grow your network, while providing more exposure for your business. If you can effectively provide value to your marketplace while encouraging them to connect with you, you’re most likely going to build a trusting relationship with them and they’ll be more willing to hear from you through your mailings, teachings and communications through your blog and social media.

Open the Lines of Communication with Your Marketplace – By engaging regularly with your list and asking them to join your conversations – whether through blog posts, social media or through your email etc., you are providing an open and engaging vehicle for open conversation. Not only will this help your market to better get to know you, buy you’ll also form bonds and a fan-base that is loyal to you and your offerings.

Support Product Sales – Webinars allow you to sell your product or service more easily. After all, your audience voluntarily signed up for your webinar because your offering appealed to them. This is the perfect time to give them products related to the information you are discussing on your webinar. Of course, you won’t blatantly come out and ask for a sale, you need to ensure that your information is applicable and valuable to them and then make your offer at the end of the session (very casually of course).

Understand Your Market Better – Webinars and workshops not only allow you to share valuable information with your market, but they also allow you to better understand them.

If you can share valuable information while asking them if they have any issues based on the information you’ve provided, you can discover a wealth of information and potentially new product ideas that can better help your audience! Not only this, but you can also add more to your bottom line by providing a greater selection of product offerings specifically made based on the needs of your marketplace!

These special sessions allow you to gain insight into the needs of your marketplace so that you can better solve their problems.

You’ll be able to get a better grasp of what they need help with which will help to better improve your business and its offerings. It’s very likely that your competition is not doing this, so you can ultimately gain the upper-hand and gain more loyalty from these prospects!

So, want to get started? Here’s a great way to begin:

Step 1 – First ask yourself this question:
What is your purpose for creating this webinar? What do you hope to achieve ie, What is your main goal?

Step 2: Create content based on your Main Goal and Purpose.

Step 3: Put together your offer (your CTA or call-to-action) at the end of your webinar

Step 4: After your webinar is completed … Follow-up with your attendees. How did they like the webinar? Was there anything they wanted to learn more about? Get their feedback as this feedback will help your business to better meet their needs.

Then… after they have shared this information with you…

Ask Yourself: How can you add more value (ie., through bonus offers etc.) to enhance your audiences experience with more related product or service offerings? Perhaps expert interviews, extra product enhancements, checklists or resources.

For example, if you are a Graphic Designer who is providing a free webinar on the topic of Design Tips for E-book Creation, why not offer a recommendation for a tool your audience can use to quickly and easily design their own e-books without the need for a designer! This not only shows that you are informed about useful products in your industry, but it also shows that you enjoy sharing helpful resources that can help your audience! This type of assistance helps to gain their trust.

And although you may be thinking:

“Why would I tell them to use a tool over my own service?”

Well, most tools have a learning curve and the results usually are not as good as personalized custom designs of a designer. Not to mention, many business owners don’t have the time to learn a new tool anyways, since they are more focused on running and marketing their business. After all, that’s why they’ve decided to get in touch with you – a professionally trained and experienced designer.

They know that you have the expertise and there are no limitations to your creativity. That is why many would still choose to hire you.

You’re simply giving them options!

By unselfishly showing your audience that you’re not threatened by sharing new tools with them, you already look much better than your competition and they’ll appreciate you even more. Ultimately to them, your character exudes honesty, integrity and confidence.

The use of this strategy always helps to gain the respect and trust of your audience.

You’d be surprised by how much they’ll value your input even more once you use this technique.

It’s really a win-win overall!

Share Related Product Offerings

Another good product offering that you could share with your audience is for a closely related product that pertains to the topic of discussion on your webinar. It could be a product that either you created or you could also give them access to one of an affiliate or joint venture partner.

If we use the same topic example above of the designer, that could be offering — a course on how and where to effectively advertise their book to enhance more sales!

After all, marketing your e-book is just as important as choosing the right design.

Do you see how these types of offers compliment your webinar topic?

These types of bonus offers would appeal to your market simply due to the fact that these tools are necessary to complete the e-book creation process.

And since you already have access to a hungry market (who know you and hopefully trust you now), these product suggestions whether during or after your webinar can help you make more sales because your product offerings are beneficial to their needs!

Remember, listen to your market because they are the driving force behind your business.

Without them, you have no business. That is why it’s critical to understand them and their needs. And once they see that you understand them and you’re striving to meet their needs, you’ll see how loyal they can become.

Engagement is Key!

Most businesses fail to engage with their market via two-way communication (whether via webinars, conferences, social media, forums etc.). If you can do this one thing, you’re way ahead of the game. You won’t even have to worry about your market straying simply because they know you and they feel excited to know that they have a way to communicate with you simply because you’re meeting their needs, unlike your competition. That’s why webinars are a favorite medium to create positive results for businesses worldwide!

As long as you have a good internet connection and are working with a reputable online webinar platform that has a good track record in producing great results, there is no reason why your business cannot gain momentum in your marketplace.

If you want to create a results-driven webinar that will help you to build your reputation as an expert in your field, make your prospects more inclined to listen to you and to help you gain more leads, but you are lacking the tools to do so, consider The Webinar Template Pack.

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