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Having worked with many well-known online marketers over the years, has allowed me to have a pretty good knack for what is necessary in terms of business marketing practices.

Ghostwriting, designing and video creation are areas I have had quite a bit of experience in. From project management to completion… that’s something I have experience in both with the corporate world as well as with online business owners, entrepreneurs and individual product creators.

If you are in need of someone who understands the online marketplace, then you’re in luck!

Check out the packages I have available to you. And don’t forget to take a look at some of my work. I love working with thought leaders and creators and taking something from an idea and translating it into something real!

When we create, everything comes alive!

+++ Testimonial +++

“When it comes to describing Janice’s work, let me put it this way: I’m a professional writer,my business is, like hers, words but when it comes to describing how talented, how professional, and how skilled Janice is I’m at a loss for words. She is simply that good!

Working as the writing manager for an international services provider, I had the opportunity to see Janice’s high-quality work, creativity, and genuine care for each and every one of her projects.

Our clients were always more than satisfied with Janice’s attention to detail and solution-oriented approach.

Without exception, Janice brought that something more to every project; that intensity and originality that elevated the work from really good to quite excellent.

I look forward to working with Janice in the future and recommend her without any hesitation.”

Mark Leary, Owner: Soulsplash Writers


Here are the content packages I have available for you!

The Re-purpose Your Content Pack

article to video, article to pdf, re-purpose article, article to visual format
Take your existing article and create other digital formats!

We take an article (that you give us) and put it into various formats to distribute in various online platforms ie., Slideshare, YouTube Video, Photo sharing sites etc. This is a great way to get the word out to your audience about your offerings!

Here is what you get:

1 article made into…

  • 1 YouTube Video (60 seconds max.)
  • 1 Professionally designed Slideshare Presentation
  • 1 ready-made Tweet Content
  • 1 Professionally designed report (great as a giveaway incentive)

= $107 U.S.

Note: If you had us write an article for you, (you purchased one of our article packs), we can take your article and re-purpose it in the above formats to allow for greater distribution of your content.

** I can also do custom projects. Just let me know what you need and we’ll see if it’s doable. Get in touch as I’d love to hear from you!**

Basic Content Marketing Package
Basic Content Marketing Plan #1

This basic content marketing package is an excellent starter package to help get the word out about your business to your prospects. By having carefully crafted articles specifically tailered to the needs of your audience while meeting your business goals, this pack is a great way to start gaining more leads and sales to your business.

Consisting of up to a maximum of 10 articles (it’s your choice). But getting as many articles out there is going to help your business gain more traction in your marketplace.

You also get one 60 second video in this package. You can choose what article topic from any of the articles that you’d like to choose. You also get the video distributed to the top video sites online in this pack. It’s a great way to get started if you haven’t yet begun marketing your business heavily.


Content marketing pack with articles and video.
Mid-Range Content Marketing Pack #2

This is the mid-range package that will more agressively market your business. It includes up to 10 articles strategically written to meet your business goals while also addressing the needs of your market.

This second content marketing pack also includes a PDF professionally designed version of your article. We can even add your business branding. These PDF articles will be distributed on Slidesharing sites.

You also get one 60 minute video made from any topic chosen from any of the ten articles.

This pack is an excellent way to market your business so that you can better leverage your marketing efforts.

Recommended Content Marketing Package
Deluxe Content Marketing Pack #3

This content package is a premium content marketing pack that is highly recommended for any serious business owner.

Consisting of up to 15 well-written artilces strategically created to address the needs of your market and your business goals. All the articles will be designed into PDF’s and distributed on the top Slideshare sites.

You also get 2 videos created (up to 60 seconds max.) for each one. Again, you choose the article topic from any of the 15 articles written.

This pack is the creme de la creme of content marketing packages. The most serious business owners prefer this pack as a solid way to aid them in attracting greater leads and sales.


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