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You’re a speaker and you’re great at what you do! You have unique expertise and you want to share your message. How do you do this? With a speaker one sheet!

Speaker one sheets are a great way to let potential clients know what you do so that they can hire you for the next speaking engagement.

Often times, you are at an event or you’re out-and-about and just happen to meet someone who asks you what you do. They want to know who you serve. Do you help organizations thrive? Do you coach teams in their sales process? Whatever it is that you specialize in, you need your specialty to be showcased. And the best way to do this is with a Speaker One Sheet document, designed to market your expertise!

Speaker one sheet flyers & one pagers
Examples of some speaker one sheet flyers

Common Questions You May Be Asked that Should Be Addressed on Your Speaker One Sheet:

  1. What do you speak about?
  2. Who is your market?
  3. What organizations or groups have you worked with in the past?

These are often questions you’ll hear by prospective clients. They want to know more about you. And you can easily do this with an effective and well-crafted Speaker One Sheet!

Show them you’re an experienced expert by listing your credentials and accomplishments on your one sheet! This will not only promote your brand, but it will also help to more concisely communicate your message – all in a one page marketing document!

Speaker one sheets aren’t just thrown together. They must be designed using certain strategically aligned elements – so that your message is effectively conveyed to your audience. There is a certain formula that must be used. And for it to be designed well, only an experienced speaker one sheet designer can do this. They need to understand the industry of event planning, have worked in it and with speakers to understand how your message should be conveyed.

Who do you want to hire you for their next speaking engagement?

If you’re speaker one sheet includes the 15 elements listed below, you’re sure to get the job!

Here are the 15 main elements you must include in your speaker one sheet:

  1. A professional photo of yourself along with your full name
  2. Your business title and tag line
  3. A clear description of what you do
  4. Describe which groups you work with and whom you present to (your valued client).
  5. The advantages for those hiring you (be specific and apply it to each group you work with).
  6. Why are you an expert in your market? Discuss your past experience.
  7. Who exactly have you worked with in the past? State any successes you’ve had with them and their positive results because of your expertise.
  8. State your contact information on where they can get in touch with you.
  9. But that’s not it! You need to address each and every potential question your prospective client or customer may have for you.
  10. In addition to the 8 elements stated above, your speaker one sheet should also include these 5 elements:
  11. Any programs/product or courses you have available
  12. A list of benefit-driven headlines of what your target audience will gain if they hire you to speak
  13. Biography
  14. Credentials (i.e., past groups, clients or businesses you have worked with in the past).
  15. Testimonials from happy customers!

Be sure that your speaker one sheet showcases all you have done (as outlined above), while also staying within the color scheme of your brand. You want to be sure that you stand out from your competition. How can you do this? Only use high quality photos and images on your one sheet flyer. Using the highest resolution possible in your images ensures that the quality of your printed flyer stands out.

Nobody wants to see blurry, poor quality photos on your flyer. By doing so, not only will this ensure you’re not taken seriously, but it will most definitely hurt your chances of getting that next speaking engagement.

When the decision makers of these events are presented with one page sheets from your competitors vying for the position of speaker at the next event, you want to be sure you’ve effectively and professionally communicated your expertise in the best way possible. Your use of color, personality and layout on your one sheet needs to shine. You want your one pager to jump out – so people take notice!

By following the elements stated here, you’ll be well on your way to being signed on!

Want to see what your speaker one sheet could look like?

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER sample of a speaker one sheet that I re-designed.

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