Writer Hiring Tips & Mistakes to Avoid

What to Look for When Hiring a Content Creator for Your Business

Finding a content writer for your website is no easy task. If you don’t have a reliable reference, it can take a considerable amount of time to find someone suited for your particular needs.

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Firstly, you have to search through a ton of freelance hiring sites just to find exactly what you’re looking for. But even if you do only choose a handful of sites with individuals meeting your needs, you still have to sift through portfolio after portfolio and read a good selection of content samples to find a writer that’s suited for your specific project requirements.

Not only that, but the writer also has to write in a style that matches your business brand, while also translating your message to your readers in a way that clearly characterizes who you are and in a way that magnifies your unique personality, while creating content pieces that are compelling and engaging to read. All of that takes experience and professionalism, and not every writer ticks all the boxes.As you can see, creating custom content for your business is extremely important. You need the content to not only meet your business goals, but your content must also speak to the needs of your audience!

Of course you can opt to choose any writer from any freelance site and hope for the best. But, it takes unique talent and someone who is able to understand and identify your unique needs so that they can create the content that is going to give you the best business results possible.

Custom content is not easy. You need a skilled writer that understands the marketing game just as well as they understand your product or service.

Many small business owners who have gotten content written will simply say; “It’s not rocket science. I just paid someone $5 to write content for my blog.” But you have to ask them; how well is that content is working for them?

*How far did their writer take that content and make that content suited to their unique business needs?

*Does their writer know their market well and understand who their audience really is?

*What kinds of questions did their hired writer ask prior to accepting the task?

Frankly, writing content for any business is not as simple as some may think. Only an experienced writer who has been writing for businesses for some time knows what is required to get the right results from your market for your business!

Hiring ANY freelancer just won’t do! If you choose to go this route, you may be in for a big disappointment.

What could possibly go wrong, you ask?

Well, an inexperienced writer eats up your time and can make the whole project experience more painful than it needs to be. If they don’t ask you the right questions about your project ahead of time, the continuous back-and-forth can be so exhausting that you may never want to work with any freelancer again. And this could ultimately hurt your business.

Be sure to also look out for these things:

  • Find positive reviews and testimonials from others who have hired your prospective writer.
  • Be sure your hired writer has some skill writing for your industry and business.
  • Be sure they are good communicators and respond to your questions in a timely fashion.
  • Always see writing samples to ensure your writer is capable of writing quality content for your business.
  • An outsourced writer should show interest in your business and be eager to help you attain your desired results!

So, who hires these individuals anyways?

Only the most successful businesses outsource. You just have to know where and who to turn to, while also understanding how to correctly outsource. There is also a high probability that you could be burned if you lack experience in hiring freelancers. You need to know what questions to ask ahead of time to ensure you’re getting the right type of worker for your project. Not hiring the right worker for your project could mean you’re spending more time and money than you need to. As long as you know what you want, an experienced freelance writer should be able to make the process as painless as possible for you, while giving you the support you need.

By utilizing the right workers for your project, you can create processes and systems in your business that meets your end goals, without you having to search time and time again for new writers. Once you find a writer that produces solid content that resonates well with your audience, there is no better way to build your business.

Even if you have to pay more than you would have liked, if your writer knows how to produce the right results for your unique business, then they are well worth the investment!

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