Remote Writing Jobs

Are you great with words and want to create a writing career that allows you to write for a living from anywhere you are in the world? Well, it’s very possible with the number of remote writing jobs readily available. 

Now if you already have an established writing career, you’re in luck because I’m going to share some tips in finding writing opportunities that are not contingent on your location.

These types of jobs are referred to as remote simply because you don’t need to commute! 

If you’re already are doing writing work for your existing clients, a remote writer job is an ideal set up for so many reasons. But most importantly, the job assignments can come to you! 

You don’t have to drive or travel anywhere!

Imagine being able to write from wherever you are! Now, this can be quite appealing. 

Remote Jobs Offer Opportunities to Get More Freelance Work

Whether you’re in your home office, at a cafe or in a forest cabin in the countryside, it really doesn’t matter. 

The freedom to work wherever you choose in a way that allows you to receive remote writing jobs – from wherever you are, can be a dream come true for anyone looking to earn an income in a way that’s less traditional. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to choose the path of a salaried worker or if you choose the independence of the solo-preneur lifestyle. Remote freelance jobs are plenty.

For any writer – regardless of their area of specialization, this type of work situation can be very satisfying, not to mention rewarding especially if you opt for this type of remote lifestyle long-term.

Need more clarity on what remote work really is?

Remote work is any work that can be completed from an undefined location. 

As long as you have access to a computer and internet connection, (with the ability to communicate via online channels like email, text or video conferencing with colleagues and clients), remote work can be an ideal choice. 

The versatility to work from anywhere has fascinated many corporate cubicle dwellers especially Millenials so much so, that the remote lifestyle has become their number one choice when it comes to how they work.

Companies Want to Hire You for Remote Writing Jobs

There are many companies looking for professional writers. This is why many new websites have popped up to help writers find work. And for many, they’ve created an independent freelance writing career that compensates them very well.

Benefits of a Remote Writers Life

One advantage of being a writer is that you need very little to get started. You simply need a computer, a desk, and the skills and expertise to produce good content. It’s really an ideal way to work and earn an income.

Now the added benefit of having the flexibility to work from wherever you want and when you want, this is the future of work. 
Just think about it, you can work from virtually anywhere. Your tool is your mind. And coupled with a good internet connection, you’re able to access online resources and research information that can help you bring more depth to your written work. 

Technology Rules

Technology is an amazing tool that can make working remotely the perfect option for a highly-skilled writer. Tools like Grammarly, Trello, Quickbooks, and makes working remotely especially easy for writers doing remote work.

These are how these tools work … – An excellent editing tool for writers or anyone who has a document that they need to ensure is written clearly and without errors. Grammarly makes it easy to remove wordiness or poor sentence structure. It also catches spelling errors, making to writing process much more pleasant and hassle-free. – An amazing organization tool. It allows you to manage tasks in a way that frees your mind to allow you to do your best – This tool has a long history of being the top tool to manage finances for service providers. It makes accepting and organizing payments-especially easy for service providers like writers! A top tool for any writer who wants to focus more on their work without having to worry about managing the financial aspects of the client projects they take on.

Clockify. me – This time tracker app allows you to keep track out worked ours so that you can charge clients for the hourly tasks performed.
And the added benefit of having your own website and personalized blog using tools like and domain hosting sites like can make gaining leads and new clients much easier. 

Tools such as these have allowed writers to get remote writing jobs automatically, without scouting for work, simply because they have automated tools, processes and systems in place to allow their focus to be mainly on their writing and ensuring they are producing their best work!The future of work is definitely leaning heavily towards remote work. 

But the question remains …

How do you land a legit remote writing job anyways?

Well, you need to turn to sites that have real reviews, from real users of the service who have succeeded in finding legitimate, lucrative work with these companies.

Here is a list of sites that have received the most amount of positive reviews: – A company founded by Sara Sutton who is an expert in remote work and job flexibility. She started the company out of her own need to find flexible work options where she was not confined to the demands of traveling just to earn and income. She also has a background as a recruiter which makes her the perfect fit. She is well respected in the industry and often does talks and participates in speaking at large business events touting the advantages and opportunities of remote work to both individuals and companies.

Definitely do your due diligence when seeking out remote writing job opportunities. But this site offers more than just writing opportunities, but many other professional job roles for trained professionals in various industries. Read the reviews and see for yourself. But as of this writing, all of the reviews I read were about 4.6 out of 5 which is pretty good. – Another site founded by Sara Sutton of This site is a bit newer, but many are praising the site for the variety of job offerings. Many users of the site are also pleased by the rate at which they’re able to find work. Although I haven’t tried this site, I do plan to give it a test drive to see the results. Although the reviews are not as high as their sister site, if you’re a writer seeking online work, it’s an option you may want to consider. – another well-received remote working job site that has many satisfied writers who are praising this company for providing a place to gain legitimate writing jobs. – The LinkedIn Job Search area on their site boasts over 248,000+ jobs in all industries. Searching through there as produced positive results for many new and established freelance writers. – This site list a ton of remote work for writers and others in working – Updates often if not every couple of days with new writing jobs available. There are always companies ready to hire trained writers. 

Some other freelance writing job board options for both clients and writers looking for work are: is another popular freelance job site that also categorizes jobs for easy navigation. For example, you can find jobs in copywriting, programming, design and customer support. offers its own job board for both businesses looking to hire remote writers, as well as for writers seeking job opportunities. There are clear links on their website: “Find a Writing Job” for writers or the “Hire a Writer” link for business owners and companies who are looking for qualified writers to do writing for their company.

Whatever writing services you require, these sites are all excellent choices if you are looking for freelance writing projects that are not limited to your city of residence. 

These freelance writing jobs have allowed many freelancers with a highly successful remote writing career which would have been unheard of decades ago. Only the journalists, novelists, and well-known publishers had careers like this. However, nowadays, regular people like you and I can have the pleasure of working remotely!

There are moms with young children who have been lucky enough to have found this unique type of work, which is not too unique in 2020!

Top Remote Writing Jobs

  • Remote Copywriters
  • Digital Marketing Articles
  • Editors
  • Professional Blogging for Bloggers
  • Website Article Writers
  • SEO Blogging Specialists
  • Press Release Writers
  • Case Study Writers
  • Whitepaper Writers
  • Technical Writers

Other Writer Related Jobs

  • English Language Editing Jobs
  • Telecommute Writing Tutor
  • Marketing Writing – Writing Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, Email Sequences
  • Creative Writer
  • Translation Jobs
  • Social Media Writers – Instagram stories
  • Freelance Journalists

Remote freelance jobs are the perfect match for any writer who wants to expand their writing opportunities and find writing gigs that are not dependent on location.

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